DWTS long gown dress Season 18: Week 1 Costume Critique NeNe started off the competition with her bigger than life personality. She looked fabulous in her pastel pink beaded mesh lace and beaded fringe costume. The beaded fringe on her shoes was a bit much, but other than that, I LOVED her look! It was classy and very flattering with ‘V' neckline and asymmetrical skirt. Tony however…why was he wearing a hoodie and street wear vest? NeNe was dressed to the 9's for her Cha Cha dancing debut, and Tony wore what he wears on his couch at home? They didn't coordinate.

This season started out swimwear manufacturer really HOT, with a singing/dance extravaganza kicking off the show, with Jason Derulo. Her skirt reminded me of a rose, even with the ‘edgy' raw-cut layers of fabric. Her rhinestone-embellished bodice was pretty, except the bias-cut draped fabric edging her neckline looked a little ‘tacked on' where it curved into her ‘middle-connect' front bodice area. Welcome back Maks and his basic black ensemble with open shirt! Contemporary costuming is never my favorite, as it needs to be pared down, and not ‘over the top' as many ballroom costumes are. Many times they end up really boring. Candace was dressed simply and modestly in a white stoned top coordinated with a 3-layer chiffon skirt with uneven hems. It was pretty ho-hum, until I noticed that her attached panty exactly matched her underskirt – nice ‘pop' of color! Mark wore basics. Whitney, a new Pro, was gorgeous in her young, cute and classy gunmetal colored top and fringed skirt. The multi-layers of rayon, chainette fringe was cut in a diagonal ‘V' shape, creating wonderful texture, and were covering a modestly cut brief. The top had drapes with straps and maintained a modest, yet contemporary look. Her partner, Cody wore dropped-crotch skinny pants with a leather-looking shirt. Drew and Cheryl performed the Fox Trot with Drew wearing the traditional high-waisted tuxedo with tails. Cheryl wore a tailored bright holographic green (a nod to St. Patrick's Day?) with a corset-like bodice and slim skirt. Her only embellishment was green rhinestones on the upper area of her bodice, creating sparkle. Green on green, so subtle (and pretty). Drew's playfulness showed with his shiny, bright green bowtie and empty green satin pockets in his trousers. Amy and Derek danced the Cha Cha.

It caught my attention!Erin Andrews was fun, and seemed to interact costume manufacturerwith the stars and pros nicely (or saucily?). Every season we wonder "just who are these (non)stars, anyway, and then over the weeks we really get to know them, and either like them or in some cases…hate them! James coordinated with Peta, wearing a dapper vest, pant and classic white shirt. However, I wasn't thrilled with Peta's naked-looking costume. Her fabrics were pretty, and her satin charmeuse, sun-burst pleated skirt flowed beautifully for their Fox Trot, but really…I didn't like the two vertical strips covering her ‘naughty bits' on her front and two more fabric strips on her back, with lots of nude mesh under. It was NOT a pretty look. Danica giggled her way around her partner, Val for their Fox Trot. Her tailored, heavy red satin skirt was lined with black and incorporated several slits. The skirt moved extremely well, but was rather boring. The naked looking bodice with jeweled embellishment didn't seem to coordinate well, with the too-boring skirt. Val's costume was the requisite black open shirt, loose pant and for a little fun…spats. Boring is one thing, but weird is altogether another thing. WHAT WAS KARINA WEARING??? Was it a bubble dress with nude side section? Yes! But why? The styling of her costume made no sense.

She had a flounce of skirt attached to her nude side. It was probably the worst costume that I've ever seen on Dancing With the Stars! Sean wore a non-costume of black t-shirt and pant. I'm surprised I even noticed, after staring at Karina! Then after a truly weird costume, Billy Dee wore a truly sad costume for hisCha Cha performance. I remember how dapper he used to be, ‘back in the day', and what they dressed him in, was NOT dapper. It reminded me of the menopause blue polyester double-knits of the 70's. Yikes! His outfit was so disappointing. And of course, his Contemporary partner, Candace looked fabulous as a dancing Princess Leia. Her shoulder pads and draped chains look fun and classy on her chocolate brown 2-piece costume. It was nice to see gold done ‘with a twist'. Her outfit was really cute. Thankfully Meryl and Maks danced well and looked lovely, for their Cha Cha. I always love when a costume incorporates different shades of the same color, so Meryl's pastel to deep pink double-georgette petal-ed costume was pleasing to my eye.

Amy was wearing a golden fringed jumpsuit with a middle connect mesh piece, We have seen this style on this show, many times, and I've never been a big fan, but this version wasn't bad. The fringe wasn't too long, so with movement, it didn't make Amy look wide. The mesh section, however, didn't match her skin color and was distracting to me. A dangling section of fringe hung down over it, but for me, ‘Miss picky pants' kept seeing this miss-match. The fringe was a fringe called ‘Beadette' fringe, a really textured thread fringe – not beaded fringe. Her bra-top and hip-band were nicely stoned. Dereck wore a contemporary-style street wear jacket with black shirt and pant. Diana seemed to be a charmer, I had no idea! She and Henry danced the Fox Trot in charming costumes. While Henry was rather traditional in his white dinner jacket ensemble, Diana wore an updated smooth gown. Yes, the bodice was rather ordinary, and I didn't appreciate seeing the shadow of her underpinnings underneath, and I didn't like the wide embellished hipband, as it was set at an area that shouldn't be emphasized unless you are very svelte. BUT, I loved her 3-layer raw-cut, uneven hemlined skirt. It turned a lackluster gown into a fun, and not dated costume. Sharna and Charlie had a beautifully successful Contemporary costume, in my opinion. Sharna's simple, yet elegant maroon chiffon skirt and trimmed top were raw-cut, asymmetrical, easy, fluid and lovely. Charlie wore a costume, yet it didn't look ‘costumy'. They looked like a classy performance couple, not a couple swept off the street to do a dance. So, as usual, there were fabulous and not so fabulous costumes this week, with a couple of real duds. This sort of mirrors the competition field this season, although I think there was only one real dud this year, everyone else has potential!

-- LeeuannaLeeuanna - 29 Aug 2017
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