After priming, a so-called concealer can be used. These corrective pins are just as made for pimples to cover properly! Many of these products are anticomedogenic. This is a reference to ingredients Seborrheic Dermatitis that are antibacterial and preventive against pimples. The hue of the pen should be carefully selected, after all, each skin is different. Complementary contrast with the reddish pimple are slightly greenish colors to neutralize the skin.

Care should be taken that only the affected area is covered and an unobtrusive transition to the adjacent skin is achieved. Too much make-up prevents the natural breathing of the skin and leads to further impurities and inflammations! Alternatively, in the case of severe acne or oily skin, color-coordinated day creams can also be used. They are more gentle to stressed skin.

Ultimately, the make-up is strengthened by the application of an anti-bacterial powder. Lightly, this should be easily placed with cotton wool firmly on the affected area. Of course, the problem of pickling seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary can easily be overspelled. The correct pimples properly learn to learn needs a little time. More important is afterwards a sustainable, antibacterial treatment of the affected skin with creams or ointments.

Covering the pimple should only be considered for a short period of time. In the long term, the make-up on the affected site prevents natural skin breathing and can be responsible for the accumulation of further bacteria.

In any case, the covering make-up must be washed off in the evening before going to bed! Only in this way can the pores of the skin surface remain free and breathe. Skin infections should be treated seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide with zinc ointments or creams, which dry the site. To prevent pimples and prevent spreading, stress should be avoided! Also a healthy diet and sufficient exercise is also to be respected. Finally, a healthy immune system and a good, natural acid protection mantle are strengthened.

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