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Once you are not careful in the sun, you are often struggling after a few hours with the typical painful, red-burned skin spots: Sunglasses! It is clear that you should avoid excessive sun exposure organic shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis to the body or at least choose a suitable sun protection factor in the sun cream. Important is the right sundress treatment! But what should you do if it is already too late and it burns on the skin? What to do with sunglasses? Here we show effective remedies against sunglasses!

Facts, problems and symptoms with sunglasses

Usually, the tricky thing about sunglasses is that it is not directly visible on the skin surface. It usually takes at least four hours until the reddened skin is noticeable to the observer. Slowly the redness becomes more and more intense with time and the burning pain increases. About half a day after sunbathing, the following are usually noticeable. The typical symptoms are a marked reddening of the affected skin site. Upon contact, a burning pain occurs. But common symptoms such as malaise, dizziness, or nausea may also be directly related to a sandal.

What to do with sunglasses?

As a subsequent problem, the effects of burning the skin are considered: the skin structure is irreversibly damaged, which manifests itself as a less elastic skin, but also in a faster susceptibility to skin contamination or even skin diseases. The pores can eventually become coarsened and enlarged, which makes it easier for bacterial pathogens to settle there seborrheic dermatitis face treatment. Sunglasses are particularly common in the face. This body is almost always exposed to the sun and is often forgotten in the prevention by sunscreen cream. Other parts of the body that are mostly exposed are quickly affected. These include arms and legs, especially shoulders and feet. Here, the sun is particularly light on the skin's surface.

Be sure to watch out for the eyes! Since the retina of the eye is particularly sensitive, sands can cause particularly severe pain at this point and be harmful in the long term. Sands can also damage the skin structure in the long term and lead to irreparable damage. These destructions and damage to the DNA of the skin structure can in the worst case cure for seborrheic dermatitis on scalp even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, direct action should be taken when handling sunglasses. Often, the sands on the skin can be compared with proper injuries by burns of first or even second degree by fire or heat. Everyone should protect themselves against the arising skin damage and therefore a sunglasses absolutely prevent! Above all, children's sensitive skin must not be exposed to the sun without protection.
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